Category: Incisions

Hard to Take

Ten years ago
and half ten more
my mother’s voice
fell silent forever.

Today the memory
of her kitchen
at breakfast time
also lies mute.



Unlike those albums I remember
from the 1970s
with you I can never guess
let alone remember
what song comes next.

A Thwarted God

I thought we had an accord
You and I.

Through my cleverness
My uniqueness
My genius
I fed you.

In return
Were the chariot
That would bear me to glory.

So why now
Are my carefully composed orders
So much gust-blown litter to you
Alighting and mingling with the trash
The decomposition
The static
And the chatter?

A wrong turn?
A change in the weather?
A short circuit?
A sclerotic artery?

Your indifference disappoints me
Like an unruly child
Betrays me
Like a capricious lover.

But my pride burns
At galactic temperatures
Is boundless like the universe.
My anger rages like a tempest
And my revenge on you
Will be swift and terrible.