Poems and pints in Dylan Thomas country


On 4th February I will have the privilege of hosting the monthly Poems and Pints evening at the splendid Brown’s Hotel in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire. The lavishly talented Sophie McKeand will also be there, reading selections from her recently published collection, Hanes.

Dylan Thomas aficionados will know that the town (which the great man described as ‘the strangest town in Wales’) was his home from 1949 until his death in 1953, that he was a regular in the bar at Brown’s, and that he wrote some of his finest poems there, including the lovely Poem in October.

My attempt at a tribute to Thomas’ genius follows…


Poem in February

Were I to map by the yard
the coastland paths you tramped
swig where you swigged, breathe
the brined air you breathed
and exhale it in stanza billows
only to see them dissipate on the
chill of the shortest month

if I climbed Sir John’s Hill’s
flank, dense with antler oak
scaled it to the very lip, and
looked down to the estuary
then up at the craning sky
would the bird of my poet animus
be hawk on fire or wood pigeon’s
careening gust arc cut short
pellet-punctured, plummeting?

Might my shore be
more seagull smeared
than heron priested?

My scribbling shed fit only
for potting the nasturtiums?

As the tide, persisting, retreated
regrouped for another assault
would the vinegared cockle
harvested from muddy shimmer
clench, turn bitter on my tongue
and the country, far from blithe
put on a heavy hearted mien?

Or should I compare myself
only to the day-younger me?


10 thoughts on “Poems and pints in Dylan Thomas country

  1. On “Poems & Pints,” how exciting and what an honour, but I am not surprised!
    Thank you for linking Dylan Thomas’s lush “Poem in October”; I especially love the first stanza of yours, read immediately following his. Congratulations, and have fun! ~ Peri

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  2. I’m a little late congratualting you on this Julian, as you’ll be in Laugharne as I write. I hope you’re enjoying every moment of the evening – it’s so well deserved. Your tribute poem to Dylan Thomas is wonderful.


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