Diminished Day

At the close of this most diminished day
comes moonrise over Brakenhurst
whose birches sigh in their nakedness
while the valley shrinks into intimacy.

Lamps are lit and on the dissipating smoke
of a half-mile of home fires, bitter as snuff
climb the terrors and regrets of the old
and the faint, muted hopes of the new.

The year, in brief recess, limps, atrophied
shortened breath barely perceived
on a microbe-incubating airstream
toward the cusp of a longed-for springtime.

This is neither gelid blast nor Jack Frost nip
once anticipated with a braggart’s certainty
but a deceitful southerly whiff, spurious
barely cool to the touch, confounding nature.


3 thoughts on “Diminished Day

  1. A lovely look at a winter, much as the one we’re experiencing now. As you say, ‘This is neither gelid blast nor Jack Frost nip’. I like the idea of Nature being confounded by ‘a deceitful southerly whiff’ – just as it is doing this year. Wildlife and vegetation alike seem to think spring is almost here.


      1. Yes, it’s a strange winter – and a strange summer right now for many people. Australia and New Zealand are having heatwaves, I’m told. I wonder what January and February will bring us all?
        I wish you a very happy New Year, Julian – no matter what the weather is like!

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