Bee-Free Tea

When you sip
a cup of tea
you don’t expect
to find a bee

flound’ring down there
in the dregs
buzzing its wings
waving its legs.

Nor when you gulp
that final drop
do you expect him
on your tongue to flop

not in the north
nor yet the south
and especially
not in the mouth.

and so my dears
please note this thing
let bee pass lips
get nasty sting

which is not good
I have heard tell
because the gob
will tend to swell.

Words you usually
convey with ease
will come out
a bit like something-ese.

This is a thing
you do not need
when trying to read

aloud in school
before a crowd
who’ll nudge and point
and laugh out loud

and look aghast
and shout with glee
“What an unwise thing
to guzzle a bee!”

So finally
my offspring wee
this advice
I impart for free.

A tip for you
from mum and me
always check
your tea for bee.


11 thoughts on “Bee-Free Tea

  1. There is a lovely sense of spritely rhythm to the whole poem which bounces along so well. Perhaps it’s a bee thing and perhaps it’s a tea thing but the poem has a wonderful sense of Englishness to it. You should share it with Colin West, a wonderful twittering children’s poet at @mooseandmouse . I really like how ‘flound’ring down there in the dregs’ wobbles the pace of the poem slightly as if the poor bee is struggling with your lines. I also laughed aloud at ‘because the gob
    will tend to swell’ the slang works wonderfully. It’s a whimsical poem which you play with cleverly without making it seem so.


  2. Hi Julian, very glad to meet you! …….I love to read poems for little people specially, so thanks for the so nice one here, it was a treat!…..please post some more…

    Liked by 1 person

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